Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below are important, please read them carefully.

1. Closure of Courses

On courses where student numbers are low one of three options will be implemented with the approval of the Director:

  1. The course may be closed with full refund of fees (where paid).
  2. A reduced programme and fee may be implemented.
  3. Two courses may be taught together. The fees charged will be the rate of the lower level course (e.g. Advanced French courses charged at Intermediate French rate).

2. Exclusion from Course

The Centre reserves the right to exclude from a course any person whose behaviour is disruptive to that course, fellow students or staff or on academic grounds. In these circumstances no refunds or credit notes will be given.

3. Refunds

NO written request is required where the course is closed by the Centre; a full refund will be made within 2 weeks.

A written request is required where a refund is claimed as follows:

  • The refund request arises from a quality issue or complaint and a refund has been agreed as the outcome
  • The refund request stems from a Centre decision that the course is unsuitable for the learner

A refund may be requested in writing to the Finance Office.

There are no refunds for examination and registration fees or additional and materials fees.

Credit Notes will only be given in circumstances with the approval of the financial director:

  • A £10 administration fee may be applied.

4. Course Fees

Published course fees include Awarding Organisation registration and exam fees and any materials and equipment charges, unless otherwise stated. Subsidised fees, where indicated, are payable by students eligible to receive Skills Funding Agency support. Full fees, where indicated, are payable by students not eligible to receive Skills Funding Agency support. If the Full Fee also indicates a Maximum Loan amount then students aged 24 or over enrolling onto level 3 or higher courses can apply for an Adult Advance Learning Loan, or pay the Full Fee; current Government Funding regulations do not allow for such students to receive subsidised support.

Adults may apply to enrol onto our Full Time provision and will be advised of the approximate expected fee at the time of application which will be confirmed at enrolment.

5. Support from Sponsors or Employers

Part-time vocational course fees are published on the basis that they are payable by individual students. Where students are sponsored by an employer, or other organisation, they must ensure they can provide an authority to invoice form completed by their employer (or authorised representative from another organisation) at the time of enrolment, otherwise they must pay the fees themselves. For training that takes place at a person’s place of employment and is associated with their employment, it is a requirement of the Skills Funding Agency that the employer contribute towards the tuition fee. This fee can be negotiated with the Centre.

6. Payment by Standing Order

Payment of fees (including exam and registration fees, but excluding any materials fees) by standing order will only be considered where the total amount paid at any one time exceeds £150.00. The initial payment will be 30% of tuition fee, plus materials and accreditation/registration costs in full, on enrolment, followed by equal payments for the balance. There should not be more than six instalment payments after the initial payment, except by exceptional agreement with the Finance Director. In all cases, all payments must be made before the planned course end date.

7. Other Instalment Arrangements

Other instalment plans can be negotiated in certain circumstances by arrangement with the Finance Office. A charge of £15.00 will be made for administering instalment plans that are not collected by Standing order. 

8. Tuition Fee Discounts

Where a 100% discount is indicated this will be available to students who are:

  • Aged under 19 on 31st August of the academic year in which the course commences, unless the course is indicated as not funded for under 19’s
  • Those aged 19 and over eligible for the discount. This is generally for students who are unemployed and actively seeking employment and in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance, Employment Support Allowance in the Work Related Access Group or at the College’s discretion other income based state benefits, undertaking their first full qualification at Level 2* and 3* where they don’t already hold a Grade better in that subject. The full eligibility rules can be explained on request to the Admissions team. * Only for those aged 19+

9. Additional Costs

Some Courses for Fun involve additional costs based on individual needs e.g. Dance, Singing These courses are separately identified in the prospectus. Students will be given a list of materials to purchase or will pay the fee at enrolment. There is no refund of any additional costs.

10. Students aged 16 – 18 enrolled at another education institution

Students who are enrolled at another education institution may already be fully funded by the Education Funding Authority and a charge to that institution may be made to cover the 100% discount. Consequently, authorisation from the institution for the student to enrol must be obtained.

11. Students under 16

Day-time attendance Please contact the Director of Vocational Studies to discuss enrolment eligibility and any applicable fees.

Part-time – evening attendance Students aged under 16 will be required to pay the Full fee quoted in the part-time prospectus, unless they are entitled to the 100% discount. They must be accompanied by a parent, or responsible adult, who is enrolled onto the same or another course on the same campus for the same time period.

12. Awarding body registration/examination fees, entry and examination dates

All vocational courses carry awarding body registration/examination fees which are included in the stated fees. Students eligible for 100% discount will not be charged these fees. The Course Tutor will inform students of closing dates for entry and completed entry forms must be submitted to the Office by the due dates.

Registration fees with an awarding body sometimes remain current for more than one year. If a student fails to complete a course in one year and wishes to re-enrol in another, a check should be made with the exams office about the currency of the registration with the awarding body. If the registration is current, no further fee will be charged. The tuition and any other fee remain payable.

13. Overseas students

An overseas student is a student who is not a national of a country within the European Union and European Economic Area or their overseas territories. Nationals who have not lived within these areas for at least 3 years may be required to pay the full fee. Each case needs to be discussed at application/enrolment with the Head of Centre. All fees must be paid in advance of starting a course.

14. Adult Education Budget Funding (AEB)

Adult Education Budget Funding may be available from the Centre to support Further Education (FE) students in paying for their course * Level 2 and Level 3. Students can apply for support towards their essential course costs such as exam and qualification registration fees. Applications are means tested and assessed on a first come first served basis, so early application is recommended.

16. Distance Selling Regulations

Where a course enrolment is made by telephone or online there is a seven day cooling off period. If you withdraw within this time, there is an automatic refund. This does not apply to course enrolments less than seven days before the start of the course.