IT, Electrical, Electronic and Information Communication Technology.

We are now working in partnership with IProTech to assist with the delivery of qualifications in Information Professional Technology.  IProTech specialises in IT, Electrical and Electronic communication technology.

They are a technology orientated company with services ranging from technical support, training, electrical and electronic communication technology installation.

Their mission at iProTech is to empower our candidates, customers and clients with skills and services need to enhance the quality of the lives and business through the use of information, electrical and electronic communication technology.

Working in partnership, we would like to offer you and employers the opportunity to enhance skills, knowledge and promotion within your life and sector.

Technical Training

We train IT professionals and apprentices in:

  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Network Engineering
  • Unified Communications Technology
  • Digital marketing.

Electronics Systems

We specialise in custom home electronic systems of unmatched performance and value. We offer system design, engineering, installation, documentation, programming and training for a variety of electronic sub-systems.

Electrical Installation

We provide residential electrical design, installation, commissioning, testing and inspection services from project concept to completion to meet the requirements of our clients.

Technical Support

We support small to mid-size companies to overcome their technical issues. We specialise in computer networking, PC maintenance, cloud services, Office 365, Sharepoint and IT security.