We are now working in partnership with IProTech to assist with the delivery of qualifications in Information Professional Technology.  IProTech specialises in IT, Electrical and Electronic communication technology.

They are a technology orientated company with services ranging from technical support, training, electrical and electronic communication technology installation.

Their mission at iProTech is to empower our candidates, customers and clients with skills and services need to enhance the quality of the lives and business through the use of information, electrical and electronic communication technology.

Life Essence

We also working partnership with Life Essence UK, Providing education and  Training opportunities.

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Looking for Community Dance Workshop for ages 6-19+ then we can partner you with AMP DANCE, a vibrant and motivated dance coaches.  Who are passionate about the youth. Their vision is to build a positive and supportive environment which enables dancers to evolve into stronger performers and expand their creative horizons.


They believe in nurturing, empowering and raising the expectations of all our dancers.

Nurturing Ambition – Through a programme of high-quality teaching, we encourage our dancers to develop their passion and talent beyond all expectations.

Motivated- Through developing teamwork and leadership skills in our dancers we help them grow into driven artists.

Cultivating Performers – Through providing opportunities to compete and perform on a variety of platforms we enable our dancers to showcase their ability to a wide audience.


Complete our contact form (Click Link) for more information.


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