We specialise in levels 2, 3 Qualifications in  Child Care Accredited Courses and Supporting Teaching and Learning. We are committed to delivering responsive programmes for employers and learners in the community of all abilities, we deliver in London and are based in (South West London).

How Work-based learning works

If you want to get started in a career, or progress to a higher level, you can’t beat a reliable accredited qualification. The qualifications included ensuring that all the skills and knowledge needed for the job are taught, developed and accredited, making for a more capable, and more employable, worker experience. Our courses are a great way to work and study, whilst knowing that your staff are getting quality assured training.
Job applicants who have trained through us are more employable than people with other qualifications, even degree’s…

The Goal?

work-based learning programmes are designed to give the student the skills and understanding required to become competent in their chosen industry. Whilst gaining experience in their own environment whilst working towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Our courses are tailor-made around the needs of both the Student and employer. We support employers to tackle the current economic climate with a fresh perspective.

What qualifications do they gain?

Staff are given the skills to sustain employment in the future and prepare them for further education:

  • BTEC

Eligibility Criteria:

Our Learners must be employed for a minimum of 18 – 30 hours per week (or can secure placement on a temporary, casual or freelance basis) and have been a resident in the UK or EU for 3 years. Some exemptions can apply.

The Programme:

The programme will take a minimum of 12  months to complete. In order for you to achieve your qualification without the pressures of full-time employment the employer must allow the staff member time to study. Our courses are available at level 2 & level 3.

Children and Young People’s Workforce Raising Childcare Standards through Training

These qualifications are intended to develop knowledge and skills relating to the children and young people’s workforce in early learning and childcare, social care and learning development and support services.

These qualifications consist of mandatory units which cover child development, health safety and safeguarding, equality and inclusion, child health and first aid, and good childcare practice; the optional units allow the learner to tailor the qualification to their role and their interests.


Level 2 Certificate

This qualification is the minimum requirement to enter the workforce for children and young people. It ensures a good understanding of child care and development and how to put that into practice.  The Level 2 Certificate can be studied on its own or as part of the Intermediate Level for the Children and Young People’s Workforce.

Level 3 Diploma

The Early Learning and Childcare pathway meets the qualifications requirements stated in the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework, and the Social Care pathway meets the National Care Standards requirements. At level 3 workers gain an in-depth knowledge of child care and development and are expected to promote good practice in all aspects of their work. The Level 3 Diploma can be studied on its own or as part of the Advanced Level for the Children and Young People’s Workforce.

We also offer these course including our Business, Management and Customer Services qualifications as Apprenticeship. These courses especially the Level 2 and 3 courses are also offered as apprenticeships and specific offered Adult Education Budge on specific courses.

* To qualify for these qualifications you must cover the criteria set by the government, please email or contact us for more information


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