If a student officially withdraws from a programme after paying the fee and before classes begin, that student will be charged a £250 administrative fee.  A refund of paid tuition fee will be processed upon notification of withdrawal.  If official withdrawal occurs after classes begin, the amount of refund will depend on the following:

First week 70%
Second and Third week 60%
Fourth week 40%
Fifth week 20%
After the fifth week 0

Please note that “The date of official withdrawal” is the date the admin team/ programme leader receives written notification from the student and signs it. Student withdrawing prior to the start of classes should notify the Admin Office.

Once a refund is processed, checks are mailed to the permanent address that you have provided to Romain Designs Ltd. If your address is changed, you must provide proper documentation via email.

It is college policy that all refunds are mailed to the current address on file. Refund checks CANNOT be picked up for any reason.

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